Twenty solid hours of personal, hands on, teaching and coaching.

We only accept 4 students for this workshop so space is extremely limited.

What does Reiki Certification, Meditation, and Manifesting Abundance have in common?

Well … everything!

There has never been a series of workshop like these. Everything you
need to truly revitalize your life and step into healing your body,
mind, and spirit and launching into the fascinating world of Law of
Attraction and truly creating your world from the inside out.

During this one event you will attain your Level 1 and 2 Reiki
Certification with a specific enhancement on using it to supercharge to
personal productivity, spurring on your creative juices, filling in the
missing pieces of using the Law of Attraction in your life, and more.

Our Ultimate How to Guide for Meditation is an entertaining and
enlightening romp into the age-old art of meditation retrofit for
practical application in todays’ world and challenges.

Creating Your World from the Inside Out is a wonderful mixture of
fun, learning, hands on workshops and personal coaching from a teacher
who have truly walked the walk.

Reiki Certification Level 1 and 2

Attain your Level 1 and 2 Reiki Practitioner status and step into
the realization of the powerful healing and manifesting power Reiki
offers. Gentle, totally non-invasive, yet profoundly powerful. At the
completion of this workshop you will have attained your Level 1 and 2
Reiki Practitioner Status.

For the last five years Russ has taught countless students through
out Canada and the United States. His personal, down to earth, style of
teaching has providing entertaining, enlightening, and life changing
experiences for his students.

Ultimate Meditation Workshop

The Ultimate How To Guide for Meditation Workshop- Learn simple power tools of awareness and relaxation

  • Supercharge your creative flow
  • Release stress, powerful pain management tech.
  • 10 Second Meditation you can use anywhere, anytime
  • Peace, Power, Stillness

Russ has lead over 200 meditation gatherings at The Healing Center’s
home offices in Alberta, Canada. He often speaks at colleges and
conferences about his unique approach to meditation. He also created
and authored the Ultimate How To Meditation Guide DVD/CD home study
course. Participants will receive a free copy of this product.

Creating My World From the Inside Out

So How does this “manifesting” work anyway?

During this entertaining and informational workshop we will discuss
the scientifically based understandings of how, and why, our thoughts
and emotions have a marked effect on our external circumstances.

It is not some kind of “magic trick” but simple, power techniques that will produce predictable astounding results.

Today, I know that creating your experience is truly a skill and not magic.

It is a skill that can be learned.

And if it’s a skill that means it’s something anyone can learn.

And if anyone can learn it that means that everyone can learn it.

And that means you!

Let me share practical, powerful, street smart, techniques I am
learning that in a very real world way is allowing me to create my
world from the inside out.

This workshop has been receiving rave reviews where ever it has been
presented. At the encouragement of many of the participants he is
developing a series of workshop expanding on the concepts taught during
the Creating Your World Seminar.

How To Apply

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